The Domino Effect in Writing a Novel

Domino is the name of a line of board games, tile-based games played on a flat surface with one or more rows of dominoes. Each domino is a small rectangular block that bears from one to six dots or “pips,” depending on the type of set purchased. The most common domino sets commercially available contain 28 tiles; these are arranged into two suits, each of which contains seven tiles. The suits are named for the numbers they include; for example, a double six set includes both a suit of sixes and a suit of blanks, or 0s.

There are many different kinds of domino games, which can be categorized into blocking and scoring games. Typically, a player begins by selecting a tile from his or her hand; this is called “chipping out” or “rapping the table.” Once the players have chosen their tiles, they lay them down in a line or in angular patterns on the playing field. A player wins by reaching the end of his or her line before the other players.

The most popular domino game is double six, but there are also a number of variations on the theme. For example, some people choose to use a suit of blanks, or (0), as the lightest suit. This makes the tiles easier to move, but does not change the game rules.

Dominoes are often used to teach children how to count, but the games can be played by people of any age. They can be simple, such as laying down one domino after another in a row, or more complex, such as building curved lines or grids that form pictures when they fall. In addition, some people make domino art, in which they build towers and other structures from the pieces.

The first step in writing a novel is to figure out what happens next. This is not necessarily easy, but it can be made much easier by thinking of every plot beat as a domino. Whether you write off the cuff or follow a careful outline, the basic question is always the same: What will happen after this? Considering the domino effect of your story can help you answer this question in a compelling way.

A domino can be a metaphor for a chain reaction, a process in which one event triggers a series of similar events. The term is also used for a person or thing that has a powerful influence over others, especially in an unexpected way. The effect can be positive or negative.

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